The French Language and Francophonie week is organized every year around March 20th, which is the International Francophonie Day. It’s a major event for all French language lovers, and a great occasion to show one’s attachment to the language of Moliere by celebrating its richness and diversity. The Office of Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, Miami Office, in partnership with the Consulates of Canada and Haiti, is pleased to launch a contest for all elementary and high schools in Florida, as well as universities, in order to stimulate French language and culture among non-French speaker students. We encourage you to participate in this French Contest 2017 edition. Please find the terms and guidelines below.

Terms and Guidelines

  1. Public

The French contest ‘Dis-moi dix mots’ is open to all students of French under the age of 25. The students must be currently enrolled in a public or private school, university or college, offering French language courses in Florida.

  1. Assignments

The contest ‘Dis-moi dix mots’ is based on the capacity of using ten selected French words. This year, the theme is about the use of French on the Internet. The ten words are: Avatar, Canular, Emoticone, Heberger, Favori, Fureteur, Nomade, Pirate, Telesnober. 

The contest consists of submitting an individual assignment (as prizes will be individual) that can cover any artistic or media dimension (text, video or photograph/image with explanatory text) as long as it includes realistic linguistic work based on the ten selected words. The students are encouraged, if possible, to use all of the ten words, or at minimum 6 words. The use of new technologies and media are strongly encouraged.

The works presented in each modality should show the student’s perspective about the influence of new technologies over the French language. The format and techniques will be the following:

Text only:

  • One original work.
  • One particular genre (novel, poem, essay…).
  • Written format: doubled-space, 12”, Times New Roman.
  • From 150 words (Elementary schools) to 500 words (Universities).


Video only

  • Video File Format: AVI, WMV, MPG…
  • Maximum 2 minutes.
  • The content of this short video is based on the selected works (minimum 6 words) and it should be presented in French.
  • The video will be disqualified if it contains any unappropriated material.


Image / Photograph

  • Picture format: JPEG.
  • One picture.
  • Explanatory text of 100 words minimum


  1. Submission deadlines

The contest opens immediately. The deadline for submitting entries is March 10th, 2017.

To participate, please send entries via email along with completed form and parental authorization (documents are attached) and specify your school level (K-12 or University) to the following address:

For questions or difficulties, please contact the French Cultural Services:

The completed form and signed parental authorization must be attached to the back of the artwork fr students under 21.

  1. The Selection

The entries will be evaluated and selected by a jury composed of cultural professionals, academics and linguists. The submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality / Creativity (Quality of the production, capacity for imagination)
  • Quality of writing in French (Relevance of the text as regards to the drawing/picture)
  • Respect of the rules (Respect of the theme, the format and the techniques)

 5. Results announcement and prize-giving celebration

 Results will be announced on the International Day for Francophonie, March 20th, 2017, on the websites and social networks on the three partner Consulates (France, Haiti, Canada). The awarding ceremony will take place at a further date, depending on the location of the school or university.