Housing one of the largest Haitian communities living abroad and being one of the most important ports of entry for the officials of the Haitian Government in their missions abroad, the city of Miami remains an important platform in the history of consular relations for the Republic of Haiti.

When I was appointed last April to administer the Consulate General of Haiti in this city, I considered myself fortunate to have the ability to make a new experience in a megalopolis teeming with activities, eager for challenges of all kinds. A metropolis that has seen the gradual integration of Haitian nationals, their daily battles, their legal problems, their pains, their sorrows, their miseries, their hopes as well as their achievements and successes

Miami was for me the beginning of a really exciting intellectual and professional adventure. I approached this adventure with the enthusiasm, dreams and vision of the first American pioneers who set out to conquer the West in the 19th century. I found a team that has offered its collaboration with as much enthusiasm and love of work as sincerity.


I feel fulfilled being able to count on the unfailing support of the decision makers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Haitian nation will owe much to these State officials, for having thought of best serving the well-understood interests of compatriots living abroad and more specifically in this city that has known the perilous beginnings of Haitian immigration.

I feel this strong sensation of pride that invades me in leading the destinies of this consular mission, whose strategic importance is matched only by its privileged geographical position just a stone’s throw from the coasts of Haiti.

I have always understood that the consular function represents the ultimate public service mission. A mission that leads the heads of a Consulate to ensure safeguarding the interests of Haitian nationals in the host State and initiating strictly commercial contacts and negotiating in the name of and for the benefit of the State and the Nation. And since the State exists for the well-being of the community, consular practices must be the reflection, if not the extension, of national policy promoting the common good on the international scene.

For this purpose, I propose initiating a records management method here in Miami that will mainly be a function of our vision of the State and public service. Thus, the foundation on which the whole structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rests is, amongst others, the instrumentalization of consular missions as tools for the accumulation of resources for collective development via a strategy aiming to expand trade relations, to generate foreign direct investments and to broaden the scope of our dialogues with members of civil society in this pulsating megalopolis of economic life.

It is for this purpose that I propose leading, with the support of the Chancellery and the Haitian Embassy in Washington, actions based on permanent dialogue with foreign partners of my accreditation area and the opening of new areas of cooperation and exchange with my colleagues from the other Consulates operating in this city.

I am convinced that I can count on decision makers from the Ministry to give new life to this consular mission, to give it new momentum in tune with the challenges in the current world and to allow it to fulfill its noble task of serving and protecting the interests of Haitian nationals in this flagship city of the South of the United States.

Our page will be updated on a regular basis, with first-hand information, that protects against the instability of information and the ethical uncertainty that today characterizes certain social networks and blogs.

I thus invite you to visit the following pages to get acquainted with our daily work at the Consulate, the different services that we offer and the information on the motherland that needs your participation in its future so much…

Consul General Gandy Thomas

October 1st, 2016

Miami, Florida